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“People are afraid of taking this because they think it’s dangerous. Severe osteoporosis can be reversed and most likely cured because I’ve gone from -3.5 to -2.7 on bone density (-2.5 is osteoporosis) within 2 years with strontium which is a SIGNIFICANT improvement! I was told the opposite and I proved everyone wrong. The doctor accepted it and it is now my treatment, which means no Fosamax! Exercise plus the strontium with the right amount of calcium and Vitamin D makes a great difference. I had all gains and no losses in bone density, I cant tell you how happy and excited I am because I’m doing something that works, people and doctors should know about this!”

--- Sylvia Staples, Portland ME

“I started using Lyprinol when I had bone spurs in my feet and I was being treated with steroids for it about 3 yrs ago. I could barely walk. I called my daughter and peter suggested I take Lyprinol. I started on it about 2 yrs ago; I took it exactly as suggested for about 2-3 days and I saw a big difference and at the end of the month I had no pain whatsoever. It’s incredible! I have no pain at all in my feet since I’ve been taking it. I would suggest it to anyone who’s suffering from pain in their feet caused from bone spurs.”

--- Jan Purdy, Calgary AB

“I have been taking Strontium since October 2006 and have Osteopenia. I didn’t believe this but it really is building my bones. My bone density for my spine was -1.9 now it’s -1.2 which has improved and my left hip was -1.1 and now it’s -0.7. The doctor said I should become a doctor! Strontium was able to rebuild my bones.”

--- Ruth Ramos, Burnaby B.C. Canada

“I was diagnosed with osteopenia in my spine and had been taking Actonel and Fosamax since 1997. Even after 7 years I had not shown any signs of improvement. I started taking strontium 7 months ago and recently had a bone density scan done and my body showed a 2.8% increase in bone mass! I definitely think doctors should be recommending this to more people!”

--- Faye Norris, Lansing MI

“I have broken both hips and broke my femur all since 2002. Since March of 05 I broke my femur (the big bone in your upper leg) and broke it down near the knee (about 6 inches up from the knee) the doctor said that I had twisted the knee and that it was a really bad break. I was in rehab on it from place to place and he said it still wasn’t healing. I had taken Actonel which gave me a constriction in my throat. I couldn’t swallow at times. I told him I was going on natural. I found out about Strontium from Dr. Nan Katherine Fuch’s health newsletter. I called the number and I took it for 23 days. And after the 23rd day, the doctor made an x-ray and said – well I see some progress and I told him what I was taking. It has been a year now I’m beginning to walk again. And being 88 years old I thought that was pretty good. I’m out of the wheel chair.”

--- Margaret Wood, Houston TX

“I am keeping my jaw bone healthy when the doctor told me there was no way to help it but I know there is. My daughter has been taking Ortho-bone and she had little holes in her teeth. When she went back to the dentist they told her to keep doing what she was doing because it was starting to fill up the holes in her teeth. I am 80 years old and it keeps me going.”

--- Margaret Erwin, Houston AR

“I am a retired registered nurse so I am full aware of the osteoporosis symptoms. My husband was stooping which is a good sign that osteoporosis is starting. I started him on the Strontium about a year ago, and now he is back up straight so it is strengthening something!”

--- Pamela Duff RN Retired, Surrey BC

“One of my friends have polycystic kidney disease and is on high blood pressure meds all her life. She tried Bearlic Garlic and her blood pressure is stabilized for first time as well as the kidney tests are showing better than ever. Just after 1 bottle!”

--- Roberta Mutch, Winnipeg, MB

“After a couple of thyroid tests, I found out I had an under active thyroid. I was very tired at work all the time, and had to pull aside to sleep while driving at times. I took T-100 and I felt stronger and stronger until I was fine. I didn’t take it for a long time at all and I felt a thousand times better. It has boosted me back up to normal, and now I am perfectly fine”.

--- Sylvia Staples, Portland ME

“I swear by this product TG100 upon the recommendation of taking one only per day for several years, it has totally enhanced my health. It is better than taking the synthetic thyroid as recommended by doctors today which can have side effects. AOR’S vitamin TG100 has no side effects and has regulated my thyroid well.“

--- Mary Douloff, Toronto ON

"Cosmaderm does work for me. My friend looked at me and asked:’ What did you do that you have such beautiful skin. You look so healthy!’. Tapioca C is a really good product. I went through the winter without getting any colds. "

--- Heidi Seeholzer, Edmonton Alberta, Canada

“I used to have a very strong steroid prescription for eczema on my face. I could not use it for very long due to the risk of thinning the skin. Cosmaderm is the only product that actually controls the redness and dryness. I don’t know what I would do without it.”

--- Melissa Algeo, Calgary Alberta, Canada

“Multi-basics-3: I am very happy with this product! I used to buy jarrow multi-vitamins but I am more inclined to pursue this than the jarrow.”

--- O.I., Latchford ON

“I had been on Celebrex which did no good. I could not drive a car because I could not close my hands around the steering wheel. After 4 weeks of taking Lyprinol, I was able to drive the car again. I was able to hold onto the steering wheel and all the swelling came down. I take it safely twice a day (a pill in the morning a pill at night) and I have recommended it to loads of people. In fact, my brother decided to test it, so he went off of it for a month and the pain came back. He was miserable because of the pain and started taking the product again. I was doing so well that I wouldn’t go off of it at all. To me, this product works like a miracle!“

--- Rosaline Elias, St.Luc QC

“I started using Lyprinol when I had bone spurs in my feet and I was being treated with steroids for it about 3 yrs ago I could barely walk. I started on Lyprinol about 2 yrs ago; I took it exactly as suggested for about 2-3 days and I saw a big difference and at the end of the month. I had no pain whatsoever. It’s incredible! I have no pain at all in my feet since I’ve been taking it. I would suggest it to anyone who’s suffering from pain in their feet caused from bone spurs.“

--- Jan Purdy, Calgary AB

“Where should I begin? This is difficult as there are so many positive aspects just by knowing that this mail order department exists with all its state-of-the-art products for us to purchase. However, that is not only the positive aspect. I have come to appreciate not only the latest products but the people inside this mail order department…This atmosphere is unique – it reminds me how it must have been way back then…No other mail order department exudes such human an atmosphere than does this mail order department – than do the people that are this mail order department. I just wished I had time to spend an afternoon lounging around in the mail order department and be around these amazing people.”
“The information that I receive with every order I place is invaluable. I have become an educated customer thanks to them. I feel so comfortable with them that I would not hesitate to phone them to tell them what ails me, as I know they would go out of their way to really help.”
“Every month I place my order and every month I look forward to chatting on the phone with these knowledgeable and warm people who make Global Vitamins what it is. Wouldn’t miss it for anything.”

--- Heidi Seeholzer, Edmonton Alberta, Canada

“My health has improved dramatically since becoming a customer of Global Vitamins. I attribute this to the care and advice I have received. The staff is not only very caring in their approach, but also knowledgeable about holistic therapies, illness prevention, health maintenance, and human physiology.”

--- Diana Rollings, Calgary Alberta, Canada

“I find the product quality and service of Global Vitamins so high that I have abandoned virtually all other sources of supplements.”

--- Michael Bullock, Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia, Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

“I searched for Hydroxy B12, which is difficult to find and was able to find it at Global Vitamins. According to my doctor, it is the only B12 I can use because of my allergies. I am very pleased with your service. You have been very personable and helpful.”

--- Jean Jackson, Batavia New York, USA

“I am very thankful to Global Vitamins because of the excellent quality of their products and the finest of service also.”

--- Myriam Rojas, Delgado Montreal, Quebec, Canada

“I am a regular customer… I am impressed with the variety of products offered, and in particular the AOR label. The staff is always professional and helpful.”

--- Doug Christou, Calgary Alberta, Canada

Just a note to say thank you for all your help. I was impressed that you provide next day courier service to my area...I also appreciate the volume discount…But mostly I am grateful to them for going way beyond the extra mile to quickly find a suitable alternative when the original was no longer available. I wish you health, happiness and prosperity – after all that is what you help bring to me.”

--- Joyce Palagian, Springside Saskatchewan, Canada

“I’m delighted with your products and the excellent service and time you give your customers. It’s wonderful to call a company and know they go to great length to explain the product(s) you so desire. Thank you. A contented customer.”

--- Barbara Gibb, Gibsons British Columbia, Canada

“Exceptional knowledgeable service and great prices make Global Vitamins my first choice for all my supplemental needs.”

--- Angus G, Calgary Alberta, Canada

“We appreciate Global Vitamins discounts for faithful and regular customers together with their friendly and personal service.”

--- Dennis Snyder, Rosebud Alberta, Canada

“In ordering from this distance (France), it has been a great relief to me that the person at Global Vitamins taking the order and also whoever ships it out - has always been intelligent, knowledgeable, and reliable – and on the phone or by fax is also nice and friendly. I’ve even wondered if all this could be true of most people in Calgary!”

--- Gwendolyn Heurtevante, Neuilly sur Seine, France

“I am so grateful to have found AOR Total E completely cleared huge dark age spots from my face, more recently R+ Lipoic Acid and Lyprinol increased my energy in days. OrthoMind will ensure a present and future healthy mind. Thanks for the excellent research for these neutraceuticals.”

--- Joan Collins, Calgary Alberta, Canada

“I have bought from Global Vitamins for several years. They are a good company with quality products. Cardana is very good for high blood pressure.”

--- Harry Reynolds, Harriston Ontario, Canada

“Every time I call in, Global Vitamins is always very helpful. They take time to answer questions, are very patient and courteous, and send information with the products. I have found much benefit from taking their products. The personnel at Global Vitamins have always gone above and beyond for me.”

--- Cindy Cole, Denver Colorado, USA

“My loyalty as a customer to Global Vitamins was earned on merit, based on prices, service, and product quality. Since I use supplements on a regular basis, the price is very important and Global Vitamins is unbeatable on value. Equally important is knowledgeable staff, and at Global I was treated not only with courtesy, but also with good advice. I remain a customer of Global Vitamins for good reasons and that’s why I recommend their services.”

--- Doru Dobrescu, Calgary Alberta, Canada

“After a visit to my parents in Calgary, I was introduced to Global Vitamins. My folks really sang your praises, and wanted me to meet you. Since that time, I’ve placed numerous orders to you and have also received helpful information as I talked with the staff. I’m impressed with the quality of your vitamins and supplements and also for your fast filling of my order. I call one day and have them delivered to my home in rural Ontario the next day – that’s what I call first class service. Thanks and keep up the good work.”

--- Dorothy Sparling, Forest Ontario, Canada

“I appreciate the fact that Global Vitamins always seems to be informed on the latest developments in preventive health care, and are very attentive to individual needs. They are always friendly and always go out of their way to help customers.”

--- Gabrielle Korell, Cochrane Alberta, Canada

“I find that Global Vitamins is more than just a regular health store because not only are the staff welcoming and extra caring but they are well trained and well informed. They take the time to explain the basics and newest advances that relate to my particular health concerns and questions. They always cater to my individual requirements. And I am very delighted with their fine service and special support.”

--- Charlotte Rich, Calgary Alberta, Canada

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