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The Tip of Cold Recovery

Skip the Antibiotics in Viral Infections: the common cold is caused by a virus, so adding an antibiotic may be harmful as it wipes out the good bacteria. That being said, bacterial and viral infections may look similar meaning that it’s best to check with your doctor first.
Sleep: sleep gives your body the much needed time for immune cell reproduction to combat viruses faster.
Avoid sugar: sugar suppresses immune function and can feed bad bacteria-causing a secondary infection.
Soothing symptoms, such as sore throat, with honey, salt water rinses, or calendula cream for raw noses.
Andrographis:the traditional Chinese “cooling” herb Andrographis paniculata. This herb has been attributed to reducing recovery times and susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections. Including rhinitis, phryngitis, sinusitis, intestinal and urinary tract infections.
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